Larry D. Hayden
War Themed Photography

Larry D. Hayden, Austin, TX

Larry D. Hayden is a military veteran and technical sales executive who has pursued his photography seriously for this project, by employing high-end, medium format Leica gear to best capture and express the literally gritty subject matter, in documenting art installations like “Arlington West”.  Larry’s photogravure series will be released in July of 2020.  Presales for this fine art limited edition is now available.

“Why,” a simple three letter word. It’s at the heart of exploration, scientific discovery and medical breakthroughs. It’s the source of the first bit of conflict for a child as they start to understand that they are being told what to do and want to make sense of the reason. For me, it is a word that has provided both a desire to learn and a source of conflict. As I have been answering questions about the why of my photography, I’ve come to realize the single word “why” is the why.

— Larry D. Hayden – 2019