King Crimson 1981 Discipline Tour – 3-Print Intaglio Value Collection by Tony Levin: (Shinkansen, Bruford in Bristol, Perkins Palace Marquee) – Art Folio Included!


This 80’s Discipline Tour – 3-Print Intaglio Value Collection by Tony Levin contains three, signed and numbered King Crimson prints, all photographed on film in the 1980s by Tony Levin.  Start your art collection off right with our impressive, traditional, ribbon-tied, hard portfolio with cotton gloves to store your prints.

No substitutions, please. We offer a 14-Day Unconditional money-back guarantee on this collection, as with all our editioned prints. Certificates of Authenticity included. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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This King Crimson Intaglio 3-Print Collection includes three, numbered and editioned King Crimson photo intaglio prints signed by the photographer Tony Levin. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and publisher.

King Crimson Perkins Palace Marquee by Tony Levin
King Crimson Perkins Palace Marquee
Bill Bruford, Bristol, 1981
Bill Bruford, Bristol, 1981
On the Shinkansen 1981 by Tony Levin
On the Shinkansen 1981

Intaglio Editions Gift Portfolio

No substitutions, please.

Photogravure Print Information:
Process: Intaglio / Polymer Photogravure
Paper: 300 g/sm, 100% alpha cellulose, Brite White
Ink used: Charbonnel Carbon Black etching ink
Print paper size: 22.25 x 15.5″ / 56.5 x 39.3 cm
Number of prints in full edition: 500
Year First Issued: 2021

Prints are 22.25 x 15.5″ / 56.5 x 39.3 cm, and are made on 300 g/sm heavy-weight German etching paper using only the finest, traditional, French, oil-based ink.

These classic King Crimson moments are rendered on true archive-quality paper, with carbon-black, oil-based inks, curated and signed by Tony Levin.  A set  complementary cotton gloves for handling your prints are also included.

The innovative music of Tony Levin has been keeping us in good company for decades.  Now, so can his photographs, as traditional, limited edition, photogravure prints by Intaglio Editions. These are not inkjet prints, but hand-made, traditional works of art on paper that are produced under, one ton of pressure, on our classic, intaglio printing press.


Tony Levin - Beyond the Bass Clef


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Dimensions 32 × 24 × 5 in

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