Peter Gabriel : Lay your Hands 1987 – cancelled polymer photogravure plate from a photo by Tony Levin (unsigned)


Own this exceptional, conversation piece and art object from and Tony Levin.  It is a modern, steel-backed, polymer plate used in the making of his signed, photogravure print editions. On many you can still feel the texture of the image on the surface of the plate!

These are among the printing plates we’ve exhausted in the proofing this original Tony Levin photo as archive-quality intaglio print, editions TBA. Rather than recycle these plates, we’ve decided to curate them, and offer them to the public. The plates are steel-backed and can be easily mounted onto any wood or metal surface with adhesive magnets. These curious, reflective, Objects d’art of Tony’s epic photos won’t last long.

Exact plate color or cropping may differ among all plates sold of this image. All plate sales are final.  Please see below for more info before purchasing. 

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This cancelled, steel-backed, polymer photogravure printing plate was used in the production of intaglio proofs.  Traditionally, plates no longer used for an edition are “struck”, or cancelled, by carving an X through the middle so it won’t inadvertently get printed from again. Unlike etched copper plates in traditional printmaking, these plates are not archive-quality, nor can they be effectively reprinted again.

In this case, we’ve treated the plate a UV varnish to help preserve and protect the polymer plastic layer, and plug the microscopic pits making up the image, that could otherwise hold ink and allow it to be reprinted.  The reflective quality of the plate makes it an excellent conversation piece, but alas, they are not archival quality (unlike our awesome prints that are archival)! Customers of these unique, handmade, printmaking relics of the trade should understand they are NOT guaranteed to last. The polymer layer can separate from the steel over time, and crack under extended periods of dry climate exposure.  They can, however, be framed like most other pieces of art, to help show off the work in a way that matches your decor, while enhancing life of the piece.

Plate Details:

Year of this Plate: 2021
Plate size: ~ 11 x 15 inches 


Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 11 × 18 × .2 in

Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford

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