3 Special Edition Prints by Jerry LoFaro

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Own all 3 of these prints, signed and titled by Jerry LoFaro. This one-time package deal includes his handmade, 15.5 x 22″ duotone print “Ghost of Gulf Road”, an intaglio print of the same size of “Panic on Main Street” ,as well as an adorable, matching, 8 x 12″ version of “Panic”, printed using Moab silver metallic media and archival inks, mounted on a 13×19″ archival mat board.  Order now through December 15, 2022 for delivery by Christmas. Prints are authorized and signed by Jerry LoFaro himself.

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About ‘Panic on Main Street’ :
“Some of the design details from the late 1950s cars were pretty crazy – they where like chrome & plastic sculptures from a bizarro, futuristic world! However, I think the tail lights of the 1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville were the most amazing, especially for it’s Mohawk topped, humanoid expression of surprise.

I’ve photographed this beautiful barge of a car abandoned in the woods a few times, but “Panic on Main Street” is the first time I encountered a restored vintage model at a car show. I got to the huge Elm Street Classic Car Cruise in Manchester, NH late that September day, and as it was winding down I saw this car getting ready to drive off from it’s spot. I quickly asked the owner if I could take a few shots before he did, and I went right to the back and laid down on the hot pavement to capture this!” –Jerry LoFaro


About ‘Ghost of Gulf Road’ :
I first
encountered this Ford truck on a neighbor’s property in 1997, shortly after we purchased our home just up the road from them. I thought it was pretty cool, but it somehow didn’t even occur to me to photograph it at the time. However, when the rusty bug finally bit me all these years later, I went out on a hot spring day in 2018 to find it still quietly tucked away, though much further out in the woods than I remembered. –Jerry LoFaro

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