Dave Hanson
Contemporary Photography

Dave Hanson - Price, Utah

     Dave Hanson is a full time photographer based in the Western United States. For over two  decades he has been  intrigued and inspired  by the historic footprint of man on beautiful landscapes throughout the United States and the world. His eclectic vision interprets and  translates what his eyes observe through the  passion of what his soul feels.

    Dave incorporates digital, film and alternative photographic processes to capture  unique images that represent the brief moment of  collaboration between artist, camera and  subject , producing  authentic tangible pieces of art

    Since 2005,  Dave’s images  have been exhibited in over 50 solo and group shows and have been published in books and magazines. They  have been collected by museums and private collectors from all over the world.

Dave’s photogravure edition is currently in production.  Pre-orders for this release will be accepted soon.