Jon Lybrook
Contemporary Works on Paper

JON LYBROOK, Erie, Colorado

Contemporary printmaking is where design and photography converged at some point, and it’s been a dance between worlds ever since. – Jon Lybrook

My name is Jon Lybrook and I am the owner and Lead Printmaker at Intaglio Editions.  I have been researching custom approaches to creating continuous tone plates and prints from photopolymer since 2006. My love of photography and darkroom experimentation goes back to age 8 when I was allowed to use my mom’s Kodak Instamatic 24 camera for a darkroom photography class at a local community college. Later I was given my first 35mm SLR (an Argus) by my grandfather, and was allocated space in the family basement for a darkroom where I hand-processed many rolls of 35mm black and white and slide film for the high school yearbook, among other community projects, and my family’s photo archive. I have studied and befriended many photogravure printmaking experts from around the globe, and continue to study the craft I practice in collaboration with new and experienced print artists alike.

My non-figurative work incorporates the use of luminograms, or images made by painting directly on film with photo chemicals. In addition to being a printmaker-for-hire, I also work as an old-school web programmer and internet consultant.