‘Discipline debuts at Moles Club, Bath, UK’ – King Crimson – Rare inkjet trial proof


This rare, fine art inkjet print, signed 2021 by Tony Levin is the only piece we have worked on where all four members of the 1981 Discipline/King Crimson lineup are present and accounted for in the same frame.  It was created from an original, 35mm film photograph by Tony Levin, made with his camera on a fixed tripod and using a foot-pedal shutter release to capture pictures while at the same time performing in this historic concert.  Printed on heavy-weight, archive-quality paper. 

Only six of these fine digital prints were made and signed by the artist.  Limit of one of these fine inkjet prints per customer, please. Own a piece of King Crimson’s rock music history today!

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This rare, fine art inkjet print, signed 2021, was created from an original, 35mm film photograph by Tony Levin, made with a foot pedal shutter release while performing this historic concert.  and printed on heavy-weight, archive-quality paper.  It was made at the historic Moles Club in Bath, UK on April 30, 1981.  Fans of popular music will be able to pick out a young Curt Smith of the band Tears for Fears in the front row of this seminal performance.

Video of this historic performance is here on YouTube.

"Discipline debuts at Moles 1981" Unpublished print
Discipline debuts at Moles 1981 – Signed photo by Tony Levin

More performance details from the DGM Archive.

This signed and authorized inkjet print was printed in Colorado, USA 

Print Details:
Year of Photograph: 1981
Year of this Print: 2021
Paper size: ~ 15 x 24 inches
Image Size: ~ 11 x 17 inches
Paper Type: Epson Premium Luster
Paper Weight: 210 g/sm

Our inkjet prints are made of high-quality, archival papers and pigments. Order now!



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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 18 × 24 × .1 in

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