Special Edition: Panic on Main Street – intaglio print by Jerry LoFaro


Own this remarkable, 15.5 x 22″, hand-wiped, hand-printed, carbon-black photogravure, made from a custom, steel-backed polymer plate in Colorado, USA. Archival-quality, Magnani Incisioni 50% cotton rag / 50% alpha cellulose paper from Italy and Gamblin brand, oil-based etching inks from the USA are used in the production of Mr. LoFaro’s special edition prints. Genuine intaglio prints hand-titled and signed by Jerry LoFaro personally.

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“Some of the design details from the late 1950s cars were pretty crazy – they where like chrome & plastic sculptures from a bizarro, futuristic world! However, I think the tail lights of the 1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville were the most amazing, especially for it’s Mohawk topped, humanoid expression of surprise.


I’ve photographed this beautiful barge of a car abandoned in the woods a few times, but “Panic on Main Street” is the first time I encountered a restored vintage model at a car show. I got to the huge Elm Street Classic Car Cruise in Manchester, NH late that September day, and as it was winding down I saw this car getting ready to drive off from it’s spot. I quickly asked the owner if I could take a few shots before he did, and I went right to the back and laid down on the hot pavement to capture this!” –Jerry LoFaro

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 18 × 24 × .2 in

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