“One Plus Four” – signed, 4-Color Lithograph Print by Bonnie Lybrook


This large, original, 4-color plate lithograph “One Plus Four” was designed from a digital photograph by Bonnie Lybrook and was printed under the direction of the late Clinton Cline, former Printmaking Professor and  Arts Department Chair at CU Boulder.

It is of a collection of 4 Chinese teapots, and tea container.

It was made using 4, unique photo-litho plates separated into Blue, Red, Yellow and Black elements of the image.  They are then inked up, registered on a lithography press.  The paper is then printed on four times.  Once for each color plate.

There are only 7 prints total in this edition.

5 in stock

Additional information

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 24 × 36 × .1 in

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