Special Edition: The Ghost of Gulf Road by Jerry LoFaro (2-color intaglio print)


Get this traditional, one-of-a-kind, genuine intaglio print, hand-titled and signed by Jerry LoFaro in person.  This remarkable, 15.5 x 22″, hand-inked, hand-printed, duo-tone photogravure, is made from a custom, steel-backed polymer plate in Colorado, USA. Archival-quality, Magnani Incisioni 50% cotton rag / 50% alpha cellulose paper from Italy and Gamblin brand, oil-based etching inks from the USA are used in the production of Mr. LoFaro’s special edition prints. 

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“The Ghost of Gulf Road” I first encountered this Ford truck on a neighbor’s property in 1997, shortly after we purchased our home just up the road from them. I thought it was pretty cool, but it somehow didn’t even occur to me to photograph it at the time. However, when the rusty bug finally bit me all these years later, I went out on a hot spring day in 2018 to find it still quietly tucked away, though much further out in the woods than I remembered. –Jerry LoFaro


This special, 2-toned intaglio print uses two different inks: carbon black and sepia, which are applied by hand, so every print is unique.

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 18 × 24 × .1 in

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