“A Chipewyan Tipi Among the Aspen” – large, framed, contemporary photogravure reprint from Edward S. Curtis original


Handsomely framed in contoured, light walnut and glazed with museum-quality UV glass, this modern, polymer photogravure print of the Edward S. Curtis original “A Chipewyan Tipi Among the Aspen” was acquired from Mountain Hawk Productions in Colorado. It comes with the frame and a Certificate of Authenticity. The frame perfectly matches an original Edward S. Curtis print we also have for sale!

Due to the unique nature of these one-of-a-kind printer’s proofs we are offering for a limited time, all sales are final.

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Contemporary Photogravure Reprint | Edward Curtis | A Chipewyan Tipi Among the Aspen

This large, archival print was created using a high-resolution scan from an original Curtis photogravure. Before scanning, each vintage photogravure is professionally conserved to restore the print to its original appearance and fidelity. Using pigment-based inks, to ensure archival stability, the image is printed onto traditional asian gampi paper. This approach ensures that each image is faithfully created to the original intent of Edward S. Curtis.

It is a true photogravure etching made from a steel-backed polymer plate, instead of traditional copper. In Curtis’ case, originally, 500 sets of the 20 volumes were proposed, but only about half or 227 actual sets were produced. This series of contemporary photogravure reprints was intended by the publisher to pick up where Curtis stopped his editioning.  Original photogravure were produced in Boston by John Andrew & Son.

These publications document indigenous American Indian life in photography and involved a handful of individuals. The 20 volume set pictured Indians of the United States and Alaska. Edward Sheriff Curtis published The North American Indian between 1907 and 1930. It was edited by Frederick Webb Hodge. The foreword was written by Theodore Roosevelt and field research funded by J. Pierpont Morgan. A true piece of Native American History.

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Dimensions 32 × 24 × 5 in

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